Yoga - How to do the Cobra Tutorials

In Yoga, the cobra posture is beneficial for the back because it strengthens the back muscles and
relaxes the spine.
Lie on your stomach, bring your legs together
Place your hands on the floor, down from your shoulders and next to your chest,
Your elbows are pointing up
Slowly raise first your head and then your chest
Your core stays on the ground
Your arms are slightly bent, elbows still pointing upwards
Keep your shoulders relaxed
- Stay in this posture between 6 and 12 breaths
- Slowly come out off the posture and relax
If the cobra posture seems too difficult you can try the posture of the Sphinx
The name comes from the obvious resemblance to the Egyptian sphinx.
Again you lie on your stomach, straighten your leggs and point your feet .
Place your arms on the floor in front of you.
Your forearms and hand palms are flat on the floor.
Your hands are on each side of your head : the fingertips are aligned with the top of the head .
Relax your body, your back, your butthocks and breathe deeply.


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