Computing - How to Clean Your Computer Screen Tips & Tricks

How to clean your computer screen? I'm going to show you how to clean a computer screen. To prepare your vinegar water - you need: Tap water Spirit Vinegar or white vinegar And a small glass for your mix Put some water in the glass like this, and add two spoons of white vinegar. Once you've mixed it up, take a cotton pad and dip it in your vinegar water. Wring it out properly so that you don't wet your computer too much. Before anything, check that your screen's unplugged! Wipe your screen down with the pad Then take a dry pad and dry the screen. There you go -- it's clean! Description : In this video, we show you how to clean your computer screen. Although most of the time a dusting cloth will do the trick, fingermarks and stains can leave your screen dirty. You can use a cloth or cotton pad which won't leave any fluff on your screen, and some white vinegar to make them vanish! See you soon on Pratiks!


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