Horse Riding - How to put on a saddle Tutorials

To put on a saddle, always stand on the horse???s left side. It is an old tradition from the middle ages, so the knights wouldn???t hurt their horse with their sword held on the left side. Start by placing the numnah that protects the horse???s back and the withers, some horse more sensitive may need a shock absorber. Here it is, and it goes on top of the numnah. And the saddle. Make sure the stirrups are folded and that the girth is placed over the saddle. Once the saddle is placed behind the shoulder blade, make sure that nothing is pinching the withers, by lifting the numnah a little bit. The saddle mustn???t be too in front or too far away on the horse???s back. Bring the girth down and tighten a little for the moment, and once the horse has done a few steps, tighten more so the saddle doesn???t turn when the rider is about to get on the horse. There you go ! You now know how to put on a saddle!


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