How to make a scoubidou bracelet with 8 cords Tutorials

Discover how to amuse children with 4scoubidou cords!  A simple scoubidouusing a basic technique that is sure to delight kids and adults.

Today we’re going to learn how to make scoubidou bracelets with eight cords.  For this you will need four cords of four different colors and a pair of scissors.  To begin our scoubidou, take three of the four cords.  Fold them in half and find the approximate middle.  Make a knot.  Don’t close the knot completely.  Take your fourth cord, fold it in half andmake a loop.  Theninsert the loopinto the knot.  Tighten the knot around the loop.  To start the scoubidou, you make two loops with the two white cords.  Next take the first pink cord and pass it over the first white loop and through the second white loop.  Repeat this step with all the cords.  Always over the first loop and through the second loop.Cords of the same color should always be side by side.  You should have something that looks like this.  We are going to do exactly the same thing for the second stitch,keeping in mind the importance of crossing the cords each time.  This cord will not arrive here, but here.  Always place the cords on the diagonal.  Next we repeat the same technique, passing over the first loop and through the second loop.  The first pink cord is first passed over and then through the loop.  Repeat this step with all the cords.  First over the loop and then through the second loop.  The cords of the same color should always remain side by side.  Continue this until your finish yourscoubidou. With this scoubidou, you’ll notice that the white cord runs out faster than the three other cords.   If you want to continue your scoubidou, you can always add another cord. Make the next stitch.  But don’t tighten the cords right away.  Take the extra cord, here we have a white cord, and insert it between the two white cords.  Find the middle.  Then tighten the stitch.  All you have to do now is trim the extra length of the short white cords.  Then continue your scoubidou to the desired length.  Finally, you can cut the ends.  And there you go, your scoubidou is done!



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