How to make smoked salmon cupcakes Tutorials

Today, we are going to see how to make smoked salmon cupcakes. Ruty from Beauty Cakes, is going to show you how to become a cupcake professional.We need: - 2 eggs- 100 grs of flour- 10 grs of baking powder- 70 grs of oil- 80 grs of milk- 70 grs of parmesan cheese- 120 grs of smoked salmon sliced into little pieces.Start by breaking the eggs, bio eggs would be better. Beat them a little, and add immediately the flour and the baking powder. Once you have a consistent mixture, add the milk in several times. Once the milk is well mixed to the mixture, add little by little the oil. There, and beat really well, so the mixture is well and truly consistent. Then, add the parmesan cheese and the pieces of salmon.Our mixture is ready, you fill in the pastry bag with the mixture, and then you just need to fill the liners to 2/3 full of batter. Here, we actually have enough batter to make a bit more than 6. Our cupcakes are ready to bake for 15 to 20 minutes, at 180??COnce your salty cupcakes are ready and have cooled down, you can prepare your cream to decorate them.You can put a spoon full of cream or two in a mixing bowl and add 200 grs of fromage frais and beat until you get a light mousse. Once you have finished your cream, take your pastry bag, and fill it in with the mixture. And now, decorate your cupcakes with its little cream.To finish the decoration of your smoked salmon??_ you can add some lumpfish roe on top. And that???s it! The cupcakes are ready to be enjoyed. You now know how to make salty cupcakes, find other recipes on Pratiks!


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