How to open a shaken can of soda Tips & Tricks

Tip - How to open a shaken can of soda without exploding Opening a can of Coke, Orangina, Pepsi, Schweppes, or any other carbonated drink that has been shaken, will most likely cause a liquid explosion with soda overflowing everywhere. Because of the pressure, micro-bubbles of liquid stream out of the can, making us look rather silly??_ With this method, Coke, Pepsi, Orangina, Schweppes and other sodas will behave and remain inside the can. Impressive yet easy to do ??? it???s up to you to shroud this technique in mystery so you can impress your friends. How does it work? Let???s go back to the beginning : Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide is forced to dissolve in water under pressure. By shaking the can, thousands of micro-bubbles stick to the sides of the can just waiting to be released. If you allow the shaken can to rest, the micro-bubbles will slowly return to the surface of the liquid. Debates on the subject abound on the internet while some even deny that this method is effective??_yet it does work. The most plausible explanation is that shaking a can of soda creates thousands of micro-bubbles that cannot expand due to the pressure. By firmly tapping the top or side of the can with your finger, the micro-bubbles will detach from the sides of the can and rise to the surface. See you soon on Pratiks!


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