Should you put oil in the water before cooking pasta ? Tips & Tricks

Anthony Courteille, chef at the Atelier Guy Martin, shows you all the tips to well cook your pasta.Some people add oil to the boiling water, but you shouldn???t put any. Why ? The olive oil is there, so the pasta doesn???t stick. But water and fat, here the olive oil, don???t mix. So, the olive oil will stay on the top, the pasta underneath, and the water in the middle. So, you can see it is a waste to put olive oil in the water before cooking pasta.But, once the pasta is ready and strained, we will add olive oil.Once they are strained, they stick while cooling down, because of the starch they contain. Therefore, you can put a little oil so they stick less.Anthony Courteille, chef at the Atelir Guy Martin


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