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    Cooking - How to Make Fresh Spring Rolls

    Cooking - How to Make Fresh Spring Rolls

    De Pratiks Pratiks Ajoutée le 2014/02/13

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    Today you will learn how to make fresh spring rolls. You will need the following ingredients: - Spring roll wrappers - 1 carrot - Rice vermicelli - Soy sauce - 6 shrimps - Lettuce. Soak the rice wrappers in a water bowl. Cut the carrots into thin slices. Cut the shrimps in half. Wet the springroll wrappers and place them on a cutting board. Arrange the lettuce, carrots, soy sauce and noodles onto the leaves. Start to roll them from top to bottom, then fold the sides and add the shrimps, roll and fold again. Close the springroll. Enjoy!

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