Surf - How to do a re-entry Tutorials

To do a re entry you first must be riding a wave backside, or with your back to the
breaking wave.
In this maneuver, you will 'hit the lip', to top, of the wave. When your riding down
the line, make a smooth bottom turn by turning your body towards the wave and
putting your weight on your heels so. You want to be aiming directly up the face of
the wave.
In the next step, you will climb the wave to the lip. When you reach the top of the
wave with your knees bent, put most of your weight on your toes and your back
foot then turn your body to face the shore, and snap your board around so that is
facing the right direction to re-enter the wave. When you are at the top of the wave,
you must look down and focus on the section of the wave you are going to next.
You should re-enter the wave with a decent amount of speed which will put you in
a good position to make your next bottom turn.


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