Aquagym - How to Train Your Breast Muscles Tutorials

In summer you can take advantage of the right temperature of the water to work out the upper
pat of your body.
Use the noodle to increase your muscles and play with the resistance of the water.
Think of wearing good swimming wear which support your breasts.
First go into the pool until the water reaches your neck.
Stand up and keep your back straight. Spread your legs to get more balance.
Straighten your arms in front of you while holding the noodle with your hands spread shoulder
wide. Pull the noodle towards you until your hands touch your chest. Than push away the
noodle using your arm strength to push away the water. Repeat this 30 times.
Take two noodles, one in each hand and spread your arms sideways. Than move your arms
pushing the water towards the middle in front of you. Keep your back straight. Repeat this 30

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