Surf - How to Duck Dive Tutorials

Many surfers are exhausted and stop after they tried to take a hard bar. To get to the area where you have to be to catch a wave you have to go behind the break. What you should know is that to pass a bar somethimes will be a mission impossible. Even for the more experienced and physical surfers. Especially when the currents are very strong and there are a lot of waves.
Learn and succeed to duck dive.
This technique is used with small boards which are good to catch the waves. To duck, you need to paddle at a good pace towards the wave that is about to take off. Before the wave your arms have to paddle strongly to keep the nose of the board under the water.
Immediately after, bring your knees onto the back of the board, while holding onto the board with your arms in front of you. If you do it right and trust this principle you will come out at the other side of the wave.


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