Surf - The Different Types of Boards Knowledge

There are different types of boards.

This is the most common type of board. It is short and narrow (150 / 210 cm to 44 to
49 cm wide). It is designed for surfers who know some techniques. If you're just
starting, choose another type of board for your first session.

These are boards from 1.90 to 2.20 cm and a width between 49 and 52 cm. This is a
good compromise between the liveliness of the shortboard and the comfort of the
mini malibu.

It resembles the Hybrid but is much shorter and wider. From 1.70 to 1.90 m tall, 52cm or more wide, a lot of volume, rather round at the outline, this is the ideal tool for small waves. In recent seasons, this type of board has become very fashionable as more and more surfers use it instead of their longboard or their mini malibu for small waves in the summer.

Between 2.20 to 2.60 meters in length and 52 to 56cm wide, these stable boards offer easy gliding for beginners but also for soft waves in summer. The Mini Malibu is really the easiest way to do surfing, but it is also true that duck diving is more difficult and the moves you can make are quite limited.

This board has a minimum of 2.75 meters tall and sometimes up to 56cm wide. Longboards are also called Malibus and allow the gently slide style of the 60s. Still some Malibus can be used with modern techniques for more radical surfing. Whether traditional or modern, longboards shouldn't be advised for beginners.

This board is specificly used for large waves. They range within a length from 2.10 to more than three meters. These boards are not recommended for beginners and are designed for specialists.
A little trick to avoid getting stuck with a Gun instead of one of the other boards: the
guns have a very thin end at the back of the board.


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