Horse Riding - How to groom a horse Tutorials

Different steps lead to the total grooming of a horse. First of all, we use a curry comb, in little circular movements on the horse???s body. It helps to remove all the dirt that is stuck to the horse???s hair. Do little circles, hold the curry comb firmly and brush hardly, the aim is to groom your horse not, pet him.Then the dandy brush. It is used in short, flicking movements to remove the dust and pieces of dirt. Just like the curry comb, use it actively otherwise the horse will think you are tickling him.After, use the body brush. It is used just like the dandy brush. This means in short flicking, but firm motions, all over the body. It is used to make the hair shine. This brush is the only one you use on the horse???s head, so it doesn???t hurt him and that you don???t brush to hard because it is very sensitive for a horse. It is really important not to go behind the horse to clean the other side of the horse, but under his neck.At last, use a hoof pick to pick out his hooves. To pick up his leg, bring your hand slowly down his leg. Press it a little so he lifts his foot. If he doesn???t, you can slightly push him with your shoulder and there he normally lifts it up. Once the hoof is up, place it well in your hand, like this. With the hoof pick, start by picking out all the mud and stones around the frog. The frog is like a 2nd heart for the horse, it allows him to know what he is walking on. Once the hoof is getting cleaner and cleaner, we will see this ???V??? shape, which is called the frog, it is very sensitive, so be careful not use your hoof pick on it. You can clean it with a little brush, like the rest of the foot. It???s done! Put down his leg, and you now know how to groom a horse! See you soon for other videos !


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