Equestrian Volting - How to do the flag Tutorials

To do the flag, you have to come and kneel down on the horse???s back, far from the surcingle. The surcingle is a kind of harness with grips used especially for vaulting. Your toes are the first to touch the horse then you kneel down gently. Once you are kneeling down far from the surcingle, your shoulders and hips must be at the same level, keeping your shoulders above the grips. Once in this position, the left arm and right leg are raised at the same time and stretched to an even horizontal line. Stretch to a maximum, so you hand, hand and foot are at the same level. Once the exercise finished, take your leg and arm down at the same time and sit down softly. There you go! You now know how to do the flag! See you soon for other videos!


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