Equestrian Vaulting - How to vault-on at a walk Tutorials

To manage to vault-on at a walk, it is better to ask for help, so you don???t arrive hardly on the horse???s back and hurt him. The person helping the vaulter should hold the tigh so it is easier to push the vaulter up in the air, when the pelvis gets higher than the head and over the grip. The vaulter has to really jump onto both feet and think about the exercise, not about the person helping. Then, you have to walk at the same level as the horse, and on the same stride as him. You really have to jump hard onto both feet so the right leg is immediately swung up as high as possible, lifting the pelvis higher than the head and over the grip. Finishing the exercise by sitting down softly on the horse???s back. You now know how to vault-on at a walk! See you soon for other videos!


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