Yoga - How to do a Sun Salutation Relaxation Tutorials

You start with your body turned towards the east for this greeting posture.
Stand with your back straight and chin up, hands meet eachother in prayer position in front of the
Focus on your breathing
If you practise each movement and posture seperately, you will be able to combine all the
movements and they will start to flow in a natural rhythm.
Meanwhile you will remaine focused and aware in every movement.
Ideally, the sun salutation is done at sunrise , because this is the time of the day where you can gain
the most energy and power
Get back onto all fours
Lift your chest
Bring your hips back and upwards, strech your arms
Concentrate on your breathing
Yoga relaxation is suitable for those who wish to gain more depth in their relaxation, eliminate
stress and recharge deeply.
Listen to your body and listen to my voice.

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