Yoga - How to Do the Twist Tutorials

To get into this posture, your chest needs to be straight as well as your legs before bending forward, twist your palms but not your shoulders.

Keep your shoulders down and relaxed, strech your arms, rest your hands on your thighs, and after an inhale bent your core forward. In this posture, you need to breath slowly and deeply. Become aware of each space between breathing.
During your inhale, you have the perfect extension of the spine and the expiration is accentuated when bending of the trunk.
Very slowly come out of this posture.

Perform the same movement in the opposite direction. Don't let the posture take all of your attention so that it won't block your breathing? Therefore ensure to maintain a natural and regular breathing throughout the breathing phases.

While sitting one foot is placed against the buttocks. This position increases the flexibility of the spine and corrects any deviations. This will improve the wellbeing of your kidneys, your nerve system, your intestinal organs, and digestive system.


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