How to crochet a square ? Tutorials

HelloWe are going to see how to crochet square. Let???s go! We are going to use a 4 millimeter crochet, which is a standard size to learn. Start the first stitch, a slip stitch, take the crochet in front of you, go around, take it by behind, and with your fingers, pull and it tightens itself on its own. Go around, take it by behind, pull a little bit the first stitch and come and slip the 2nd one into the other one. Don???t tighten too much. When you have done that stitch, continue and do the chain stitch, which is a little chain. Come and take the loop by behind and tighten. Always the same tension, don???t tighten the stitches at all. There. Then, take the 2nd stitch, stitch in the stitch, take your thread by behind, and come back to take your thread behind, and turn the crochet hook downwards so, it slips on its own. Take the next stitch, catch the thread, take it out, stitch and take all of it out. Keep on going, and stitch all the way till you???ve finished the length of your square. Make sure you don???t skip a stitch, nor put the crochet through the same stitch. Regularly. Finish the last one.Once you???ve ended the line, turn over your square, and the next one, this one, there, stitch, bring out, take from behind and bring everything out. You can stitch a bit faster. To hold your thread, I advise you to tighten your thread like this, with your little fingers, that way, it is easier, when I put my crochet in, it is easier to catch. Turn over again. Don???t tighten. It???s better to be too loose than too tight. So, the next stitch is this one, you stitch into the stitch, take the thread by behind, make it slip, bring it up a bit, and tighten a little bit, then catch your thread by behind and face your crochet downwards, so it slips. Then take by behind, pull, turn, it slips. There you go, and the last stitch, and bring everything out.You now know how to crochet a square ! Next time, you will see how to crochet a circle!


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