How to crochet a flat circle? Tutorials

First of all, we are going to see how to do the first stitch. Take the crochet hook towards you. Go around, and come back by the back. Tighten a little bit the first loop and slip the second one through the other. And there is the first stitch.Then, do 3 chain loops. Come and get the loop by behind and pull. Here you have your two stitches alone, and to do the circle you have to come through the first one again. So come through it, take the cord and bring all out. Here is a little circle. The centre is here. Then, we are going to go around the circle and go through the centre, reverse and take everything out. Then, stitch all ways in the same, and this 8 times. Stitch in the same hole, take it out, and take everything out, while positioning the crochet hook downwards. Stitch again in the same, the third and it slips. So 8 of them. 4 5 6 7 and 8. You can do more if you want.Then, you are going to go all around your circle with the single stitch. Stitch in the next one, this one, there, do the same stitch, come out, then stitch in the same stitch and you always stitch twice in one. So, here there are 2, the next one is this one. 1 2, then you finish the circle. To well know where you have to finish the circle, you have a little mark behind. Where the thread is, is where the second circle starts and where the last one ends. Start the 2nd circle, do 2 stitches in one, and the next one, only do one stitch, and every other one you do this. First one, then two, because I want to do a circle, a flat circle. Every other one, it is to make sure it is really flat. If you do 2 stitches each time, there would be too much volume. Keep on stitching. 1 and 2, look where you are. There, you have finished your circle. There, you can either continue doing circles or stop and close the circle. And to close it, take the next stitch and when you go through, you go through with all of it. There you go and tighten.There you go, you have a little circle.


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