5 tips to ease your life in your kitchen Tips & Tricks

Here is five tips to ease your life in your kitchen

1) How to close a small bag hermetically

You just need an empty bottle and scissors. Cut the bottleneck with the scissors. Unscrew the bottle cap. Twist the opening and put it in the bottleneck.

Unfold the twist, and fold the plastic on the sides. You just have to screw the cap on the plastic and it's over ! Your small plastic bag is now closed hermetically.

2) How to cut onions without crying

To never cry again when you pell onions, all you need is a glass of water.

Put the water in your mouth without swallow. Now, you can cut and pell your onion without crying. The substance of onion will fix in the water contained in your mouth, and your eyes will stay safe.

3) How to remove the pastry sticked on your hands

Take a handful of flour and rub your hands against each other until the pastry is gone.

4) How to calculate the quantities of salt

Put a little bit of salt in your palm. You have 10 to 12 grams of salt in your hand.

5) How to unscrew a lid easily

Take a tennis ball and cut it in two equal parts with a cutter. You can easily unscrew a little cap with a half ball. For bigger lids, you can cut the half ball on the side to expand it.


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