How to use a pastry bag Tutorials

Today, we are going to see how to use a pastry bag!Ruthy from Beauty Cakes is going to show you how to become a cupcake professional.We need: cupcakes, a meringue paste and a pastry bag and a piping nozzle.Turn the bag over your hand and fit the piping nozzle into the bag. Take the scissors and cut the end, so the nozzle can get out, but so the bag can still hold it tight. Here, or pastry bag is ready.Take the spatula and put the meringue in the bag. Then, make the paste go down to the end of the pastry bag with your hands. And turn well the bag like this, and after take the cupcake and slightly press on the bag.If you don???t have a pastry bag at home, here???s a little trick. Take a little freezing bag, take the piping nozzle and put right in one of the corners of your bag. And you cut just like a real pastry bag. And there you go! You have a nice homemade pastry bag!Use it the same way. Turn it around, put the meringue and decorate. And there is your little cupcake with a meringue on top.Ruthy - Beauty Cakes83 rue Nollet75017 ParisFRANCE+339.


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