The best climber jersey. TOUR DE FRANCE Knowledge

Ga??l Poll??s, journalist and founder of Pratiks walks us through the history of the best climber jersey, with its easily recognizable white and red-dotted pattern. IN the 1933 Tour de France, a Spanish cyclist, Vicente Trueba, was particularly good during a climb. Whenever a steep road would come along he was always the first to reach the top. Unfortunately he would always lose this advantage as soon as the descent came along.However, his exploits were enough to impress Henri Desgrange, who decided to create the Mountain Grand Prix, in order to reward the first cyclist to reach the top of a mountain. Depending on the difficulty of the climb, a certain number of points were awarded to the overall ranking. It wasn???t until 1975 that a specific jersey was designed for the winner of the mountain classification. The sponsor at the time was ???Chocolat Poulain??? and it was they who came up with the white and red-dotted paternFind this and many other videos at


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