Home-made products : How to make anti aging face serum Tutorials

We show you how to make your own anti aging face serum

The ingredients are:

-          Macerated oil of three thea’s 9,5 ml
-          Coenzyme Q10: 5 drops
-          Vitamine E: 1 drop

Before you start it’s important to clean everything you use. Disinfect everything you use with 70% alcohol. For all the recipes  it’s important to use a digital precision scale. For this recipe you need:

-          One stainless steel container
-          A whisk
-          One serum flacon

Put the macerated three tea oil in the stainless steel bowl. Add the 5 drops of Q10 and mix it. Then add the drop of vitamine E and mix it again. Put the mixture in the serum flacon and your anti aging face serum is ready!

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