Home-made products : How to make a body balm Tutorials

We show you how to make your own body balm

The ingredients are:
- Organic shea butter: 10 grams
- Vegetable nut oil: 7,65 ml
- Cera bellina (natural beeswax): 30 grams

Before you start it’s important to clean everything you use. Disinfect everything you use with 70% alcohol. For all the recipes  it’s important to use a digital precision scale. For this recipe you need:

-          One stainless steel container
-          Two pans
-          A whisk
-          A plastic spatula
-          One cream jar

Take the butter, nut oil and beeswax into the stainless steel bowl. Melt it in a hot water bath and mix the three components. Remove it from the fire and mix it until the mixture cools off. To cool it down quicker you can use the cold water pan without stopping to mix it. Now the balm is finished and you can put it into a crème jar!

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