Home-made products : How to make tonic lotion Tutorials

Learn how to make your own tonic lotion.

The ingredients are:

- Mineral water: 87.4 ml
- Bamboo extract: 10 ml
- Inulin: 2 grams
- Cosgard: 0.6 grams

Before you start it’s important to clean everything you use. Disinfect everything you use with 70% alcohol. For all the recipes  it’s important to use a digital precision scale.

For this recipe you need:

- One stainless steel container
- A whisk
- One flacon

Put the water into the stainless steel bowl. Add the bamboo extract and mix it. Add the inulin and mix it again. Add the cosgard and mix it on more time. Take the mixture into a flacon and your tonic lotion is ready to use!

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