Home-made products : How to make a pillow mist Tutorials

Learn how to make your own pillow mist.

The ingredients are:

- Mineral water: 35 ml
- Organic sweet orange essential oil: 30 drops
- Cosgard: 7 drops

Before you start it’s important to clean everything you use. Disinfect everything you use with 70% alcohol. For all the recipes  it’s important to use a digital precision scale.

For this recipe you need:

- One stainless steel container
- A whisk
- One spray flacon

Take the mineral water into the stainless steel bowl. Add all of the drops of the essential oil and mix it. After this you add the Cosgard and mix it again. Take the liquid into the spray flacon. Always shake it before you use it.

Now your pillow mist is ready to use!


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